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You would have heard so much about caring for Pearls, that you almost might have not picked yourself some thinking about
how it won’t last you long enough and you might just ruin its lustre with multiple wears.

But, unlike popular belief, your pearls can last a lifetime and your CP jewels can become part of your family heritage.
You can increase their life with some tender loving care-

  • All our jewelry is handcrafted and designed and each piece is a unique combination of the pearls used in it.
  • To avoid other materials scratching the surface of your pearls, store your CP jewelry away from diamond and stone
    so that the harder stones don’t scratch its surface.
  • It is recommended to store your CP jewelry in a cloth bag before putting it in a jewelry box.
  • Your CP jewelry comes in a beautifully designed box that you can keep to store individual pieces of jewelry.
  • Keep your CP jewels away from any acidic substances like perfumes or even perspiration. Wipe clean after wearing and before storing them.
  • Do not clean your jewelry with any liquid cleaners. If at all wipe it with a soft, moist cloth and let it dry completely before you store it.
  • Do not clean your jewelry whether gold-plated or a metal like brass, bronze and silver with detergent, toothpaste etc.
  • Wear your jewelry after you have applied make-up and perfume while getting dressed.