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The beauty of adorning a pearl is that no two pearls in the world are alike.

Each pearl comes unto its own and forms something that is unique and second to none in the entire world.
That, we believe, is the charm and allure of Pearl jewelry.

To help you understand the grading of freshwater pearls, here is an (unsaid) standard that is followed across the industry. Pearl grading hasn’t been standardized and so you will see a lot of different ways of grading pearls. We chose to keep things simple and categorized our pearls into three categories depending on the factors of Size, Surface, Shape, Colour and Lustre.


A – 70% blemish-free surface with good, clear reflection. This grade is most widely used to make jewellery, as one can easily have affordable yet classic jewellery at your disposal.  

AA – 80% blemish-free surface with excellent, clear reflection. The lustre in this case will be very high and there will be a thick layer of nacre on the pearl, however a little lesser than its superior.

AAA – 95% blemish-free surface with exceptional, mirror-like reflection. This is also the highest quality of pearl, where the surface of the pearl will be mostly free of any defects.